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Learn the DCFO philosophy and 11 minute 

somatic practice.





what's typical is to have a body being system jam-packed with stuff that needs to be released 


what's UNTYPiCAL is to live daily life in a spacious presence that allows energy to move through you freely


what's typical is people masking, withholding their urges, restraining and controlling their relationship with sensation in a way that renders them continuously exhausted... drained... disordered... diseased. 


what's UNTYPiCAL is people in deeply authentic relationship with sensation and the ability to witness & allow 


what's typical is an overwhelming sense of not having enough, not being enough, never enough


what's UNTYPiCAL in our systems and societies is to have a sustainable ongoing overflowing experience of love health & wealth



DCFO is a formula for your sensitive dynamic self to keep your internal parts connected ---
in compliment rather than conflict... OPTIMAL FUNCTiONiNG.

It's a philosophy and a practice:

Discharge + Circulate = Flexibility & Openness

You CAN discharge stress & trauma so your system is CLEAR to circulate energy.

Flexibility is authentic PRESENCE & openness is full-spectrum COMPASSION.

When we practice this with ourselves the benefits ripple outwards with ease & enjoyment. 

What's Included?

Easy to Follow, Bite Sized Videos

Handbooks to Help you Dive Deeper


A Supportive COMMUNiTY of Likeminded Folks

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What People Are Saying About DCFO:


Me, Kelsey, I'll be YOUR EXPANSION GUIDE in this

I want to welcome you back to yourself, as you are, underneath the fear and conditioning, to the place --- your core, your centre --- where you know, without a doubt, how to be well, in your own authentic nature.

Your authentic nature
is the medicine
you are looking for.



DCFO - The Backstory

As an autistic person I was melting down a lot and over time I realized that I could ask... How can I have compassion for this in a way that helps me to thrive rather than survive?... which led me to ask...In what ways do I really love my sensitivities? How do they please me?  Don't they show me my needs and desires? Aren't these kind of super powers? 

What I found was how to eliminate abuse, scarcity, and exhaustion in my immediate life. 

I created DCFO as both theory & practice to share a fresh & universal definition of ACCESSIBLE OPTiMAL FUNCTIONING. 


Who is this for?

  • Shadow workers, personal improvement junkies, healers

  • People with busy schedules wanting minimum input maximum output

  • People wanting more efficiency and effectiveness in any area of their lives
  • Neurodivergents wanting to express more of their energetic intelligence 

  • Partners & Parents looking for improved interpersonal connection and healthier shared environments

  • People struggling to take personal responsibility or communicate their needs

  • Creatives wanting more surrender flow and recognition

  • Anyone ready for less abuse & scarcity, more respect & abundance

  • Any age person with decent mobility (reduced mobility 11 minute option coming summer solstice in the community membership included)

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as a place where we can all meet 
as a way of being that actually equates to wellness
not fulfilling social standards to get by 
but rewriting social standards in being authentic



 as the natural reality when we allow
the layers of our sensitive human systems
- - - emotional, mental, phsyical, spiriitual - - -  to function
in complement with one another rather than in conflict



as a sovereign being
your liberation lives 
in playing with your relationship to 
your own body your own energy bubble



DiSCHARGES... releases...
& CiRCULATES..flows...
energy through our dynamic human body... so we can be
FLEXiBLE... present...
& OPEN... truly compassionate.


STiMMiNG: to engage with our bodies in ways that allow charged energy to pass through.


STiMMiNG: any activity that supports us to willingly inhabit the body and hold a sense of openness ... where we naturally allow charged energy to pass through in a liberated way.


STiMMiNG: is so simple - a natural urge of emotional/energetic intelligence that our somatic/feeling body is always guiding us towards - however, our society has inherited a prioritization of the mental/spiritual and so we are out of balance (as inidvidual people & as a  collective).



brings us back into balance...


STiMMiNG: allows the dynamic aspects of ourselves --- emotional, mental, physical, spiritual ---complement rather than compete... (and, in reflection, has same effect on the aspects of our outer lives). 


STiMMiNG: through conscious daily engagement, eliminates exhaustion... so if you crave a life of ease, pleasure, joy, and abundance... this is for you.