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Ram Dass Inadvertently Declares Autism as Natural Enlightenment

Exploring common threads of spiritual experiencing between ASD and psychedelic journeying

The way Ram Dass describes the psychedelic mushroom experience at its finest is how I would describe the autism experience at its finest.

An early page of Be Here Now, originally published in 1971 by Baba Ram Dass, claims in big bold print,

Become as little children
Become that trusting 
open surrendered being
It is the same thing 

A majority of the scientific information published about autism yet today remains focused on autistic children. It is also commonly acknowledged in much of the existing material on adults with autism that they show significant childlike behaviors of having difficulty expressing themselves, challenges with identifying emotions, and of course, common meltdowns.

It is of great relief for me, a thirty-something autistic woman, to look at my life from an angle where I am not expected to become...

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Hand Stimming Can Be a Life Saver


The autistic practice for embodied security

My favorite stim is running my thumb across all of my fingertips again and again and again. When I was little I used to do the same motion but with my pink blankie in hand feeling the woven fibers and the “lumpy-lumps” where my Gran had stitched the holes back together.

I often find flashing back in my early years gives me insights into natural smarts that I got away from trying to be an acceptable and successful adult.


Stimming is a popular word these days meaning to self-stimulate. A quick Google search shows that the common advice is to allow a person stimming activity unless it becomes disruptive.

What I’ve witnessed is that the average neurotypical person finds overt stimming behavior disruptive, probably because they don’t understand the needs and benefits inherent in the actions.

Perhaps they can intellectually understand that this behavior soothes the nervous system, but do they...

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